Admission Requirements ICS

For enrollment to take place, the following documents are necessary:

  • Pre-school reports, if applicable, or photocopy of the previous year’s report or evaluation (for students at the preschool level)
  • Official transcript that includes grades from the last three years (for elementary & high school students).
  • A reference letter (from a teacher, the counselor or the principal)
  • Reports from a psychologist or a learning disabilities professional, if applicable.
  • Payment letter (if previously enrolled in a private school)
  • Two passport–size pictures
  • Photocopy of the birth certificate
  • Photocopy of the immunization records
  • Photocopy of the passport photo and visa pages (for foreigners or those with double-nationality)
  • Student application form (correctly filled out)
  • Interview form (only the first page filled out)

All students should be interviewed and given an admission test which fee is $25.00. Please see the person in charge of the payment office for clarification and all payments. The admission procedure must be concluded before a student is allowed to start classes.

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